Acquisition, Processing and data Control Software (APC)

The section is in charge of the architecture, design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance of the software dedicated to the survey activities at Cern. This comprises:

  • the data processing tools, such as least square adjustments and coordinate transformations, with their appropriate graphical user interfaces,
  • the Survey database and its web-based user interface Geode (including developments, maintenance and support to the users),
  • the software controlling the survey permanent monitoring and alignment systems,
  • the integration of commercial products dedicated to specific survey activities (data treatment and acquisition) with in-house developed solutions.

The section is also responsible for the development and the implementation of new data processing algorithms and theoretical concepts required for future projects or needed to improve existing data processing flows. These developments are based on research studies led within the section, or on software prototypes (ex.: mathematical libraries) delivered by other survey teams.