High Precision Alignment technologies (HPA)

The HPA section is responsible for the design, implementation, operation and data analysis of 3D alignment solutions for specific components in the accelerators, transfer lines and experimental area infrastructure, requiring permanent position measurement and/or remote adjustments, within a micrometric accuracy in a harsh environment. Furthermore, the section is in charge of the alignment of components in the Machine Detector Interface area providing the geodetic link between the experimental area and the adjacent zones of the accelerator.

HPA is also engaged in Research and Development to improve alignment techniques and methods for the HL-LHC project and to meet alignment requirements of future colliders. This involves development and implementation of solutions based on advanced technologies as Frequency Scanning Interferometry, capacitive distance measurement systems and laser tracking, including precise surveying and geodesy aspects. Moreover, HPA provides expert knowledge and consultancy to CERN users on precise, position adjustment mechanical systems design and on standardization of 3D mechanical adjustment solutions.

The section offers the following support in domain of micrometric alignment systems: fiducialisation and alignment of components; development of dedicated 3D-position processing and control algorithms and the associated mechanical and electronics engineering for the precise alignment systems.

HPA provides group-wide support in mechanical prototype manufacturing. It manages electronics and mechanical workshops in charge of the maintenance of surveying instrumentation, as well as the alignment sensors laboratory.


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